I wrote this and submitted it to a greeting card company last year.  My Daddy was the inspiration for every word.  

You were the first man to ever hold me in your arms
The first man whose shoulder I laid my head on
The first man whose hand I reached for
The first man whose name I called when I was scared

You were the first man to ever kiss me goodnight
The first man to smile as I modeled a new dress
The first man to wipe away my tears
The first man to celebrate my accomplishments

You were the first man to ever say to me, “you are beautiful’
The first man who ate cookies I made from scratch
The first man who wore a “hand-painted” shirt or tie
The first man who wrapped me in his arms for a photograph

You were the first man to let me go as I became a woman

And you will always be the first man I ever loved.

Thanks, Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.  I love you.