Pray and Bring Chocolate: Surviving Breast Cancer and Pregnancy with Honesty, Humor, and Hope” is the book I’ve written sharing my journey through breast cancer while pregnant with my third child. Diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 10 years ago, our team of doctors told us from day one they couldn’t give us any guarantees – about anything. Four surgeries within five weeks and a nasty infection, followed by four rounds of chemotherapy BEFORE our little miracle was born, we learned to laugh a lot and lean hard on our faith. My two older children were champions and amazing caretakers and my husband never left my side.

2012 is the year I hope to become a published author. My book is ready and I have a publisher anxious to evaluate the manuscript. All I need is agent representation, which I am actively seeking and patiently waiting for (figure that one out!)

My goal is to provide encouragement and inspiration to those who are battling breast cancer or any other life-threatening disease. I am proud to be counted among the survivors and am in awe of the brave men and women I’ve had the privilege to meet in the years since my diagnosis. We are all stronger than we know.